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Sports Ragtote

The Sports Ragtote is a six-inch long hard plastic case marketed as a tampon holder. It comes with a snap clip for attaching to things, and it’s made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The company website asserts that it “will support 200 lbs. of weight” and is “crush-proof under most circumstances.” I squeezed the container as hard as I could, stood on top of it and even hurled it against a wall. Despite all the abuse, no cracks, splits, chips, or breaks developed.

Another perk of the Sports Ragtote is that it floats, which means there’s a chance for recovery if it ends up in a river, creek or ocean. The Sports Ragtote is waterproof too. Everything I put into both the main compartment and the bottom area designed to hold pills stayed dry, even after being held under water. The caps screw on to the container and snug up against a rubber ring designed to keep water out. The website says the caps are “guaranteed to last through 100,000 open/close actions.”

I managed to squeeze four long tampons into the Sports Ragtote. I estimate at least twice as many short ones would fit into the 1¾-inch diameter main compartment. Since I don’t use tampons anymore, I checked out the Sports Ragtote’s compatibility with other menstrual products. Two rolled up super long, ultra thin pads fit in snuggly, as did my folded Diva Cup.

Maybe I’ll carry pads in my Sports Ragtote, but it would also make a great travel first aid or sewing kit or could easily hold cash, lip balm and house keys. The Sports Ragtote is a good carrying case for any small items that need to stay clean, dry and intact.

Written by: Chantel C. Guidry, June 12th 2007

they seem like cool, sturdy storage units all around. nice that the exteriors are smooth, rounded plastic and don't seem to have raised logos -- perfect for personalizing with stickers! the extra "pill bottom" is a good bonus.

There are others in different styles. Keep an eye out for more reviews of other Ragtotes on this blog.

I think it's really odd that they specifically call this a tampon case. Thanks for testing it out as a "waterproof case."