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Stark Ring

I love simple. - Stacy Christopher

The Seattle-based jewelry maker of Stacy Christopher Jewelry does indeed. The beautifully elegant and thoughtfully minimalist Stark Ring arrived in a simple brown, tuck-top box with the image of a crow hand-stamped on its face. I felt like I was opening a birthday present and was delighted at the gift inside.

Stark is industrial in its look and feel, but has smooth edges that are comfortable and elegant. It is just under a third of an inch wide, which is rather thick compared to most of my other silver jewelry, but this ring is anything but heavy. I can tell by the design that it is meant as a men’s band; however, I wanted to wear the ring myself so I’m enjoying it on the thumb of my left hand. (It would look just as stunning on a black rope chain around your neck as on any finger.) This special piece of art has an ability to make me feel girly even though it is quite masculine. I like the occasional pretty thing, but I am most often drawn to clean lines and pieces I can purchase knowing I will still love them in ten years.

The Stark ring joined me on my first day of work at a new job. It won a couple oohs and aahs from my new coworkers, who were immediately sent to the artist’s site for details. Christopher's other work is just as beautiful and keep with her "I love simple" style, but I was still draw to the Stark. Its unique appeal is its amazing handiwork, which is visible to the naked eye. It looks like I'm wearing a piece of an airplane.

Artist Stacy Christopher works as an engineer during the day and designs jewelry as her passion. It's not often (or ever) that the simple addition of a silver band on my thumb has invoked such feelings of grace and strength at the same time. I can tell there is a little additional shopping from her collection in my future.

Written by: Rachel Petzold, September 5th 2009

That is a beautiful ring.... And an appropriate name!