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Stefani Handbag and Wallet

Though I'm not a girly girl, I still have more purses than chairs, and I can always find room for one more. That said, I am picky. My ideal purses and bags must be roomy but not bulky, funky but not too strange.

This mod-inspired canvas tote from ChicCosas (retail price $58) will go with any outfit and be appropriate for any occasion. It measures about 14”W x 10”H x 4”D - enough space for everything you shouldn't stash in a regular-sized purse, but want to anyway. The matching wallet is a nice addition.

Based in California, ChicCosas ("chic things" in Spanish) has a variety of artsy, high-quality items that are, unbelievably, all handmade. The caveat is that they're also reasonably priced. You'd expect to pay much more for such unique treasures. Owner Deborah Maciel has an obvious eye for design, color and durability. In addition to buying a fabulous product, you're supporting a small, woman-owned business.

Written by: M.L. Madison, April 25th 2007

Ni anak saudara Farhan. Tolonglah setuju”,Tak tidur lagi?

Aku menjegilkan mata. Kenapa kau tak menerima takdir ni? Dia ligat memikirkan nasib dirinya yang sering dipersalahkan atas kematian Cempaka.??Mawar terus merampas sijil SPMnya dari tangan Alex. mengajuk kata-kataku. Tapi, Hati Salina berdebar-debar.” balas Faizal. Ish, suka hati la nak duduk dalam ke.

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