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The Stork and the Pitcher Tote Bag

As a frequent book reviewer, college instructor, and all around bibliophile I have a book on my person at all times, and usually two or three. This fact has lead to the destruction of many purses not equipped for carrying novels, and often means lugging around an extra heavy bag. My friends will often extend invites to bars and clubs to me with the addendum, “Leave your giant bags at home!” Silvermint’s The Stork and the Pitcher Tote Bag solves this dilemma.

Given that the tote bag is the same width as a hardcover novel, I easily can fit three paperbacks into the bag, eliminating the need to shove them into my overflowing purse or cart around a cumbersome (and oh so unbecoming) backpack. The tote bag’s small and narrow size may not be a selling point for those expecting to carry a backpack’s worth of belongings, but it works well for people like me who are interested in bringing a few books along or the day's lunch.

The bag's very soft corduroy handles are also a plus, as it lessens strain on the shoulder. I often suffer from scratch marks and sore arms due to the stiff fabric on many bags. The sturdy corduroy also ensures that the straps will be able to handle a heavier load, another plus for me since my fondness for books has lead to strap rippage.

Aesthetically speaking, the bag’s design is bright and whimsical, yellow with a stork on one side and striped on the other. The design evokes a child’s sense of whimsy, especially since it seems to be a reference to the children’s fable of the same name.

Another key selling point concerning this bag, and perhaps most of the other bags available at Etsy, is the fact that chances are slim I will run into another girl carting around the same bag as me. As a frequent shopper of Forever 21, H & M, and Target, on several occasions I have run into women carrying bags and accessories identical to mine. With Silvermint’s The Stork and the Pitcher Bag I can rest assured that I will be toting around an original and unique piece.

Written by: Adrienne Urbanski, August 16th 2010
Tags: etsy, tote bag