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Studded Stone Pony Holder

One morning, I was getting ready for school. The top of my dresser was cluttered with various hair products: hair ties, rubber bands, barrettes, and one large "jaw" clip. I was attempting to put my thick, naturally curly hair into a pony tail. First, I tried a rubber band. It was only big enough to wrap around my hair once. The hair tie wrapped twice, but it wouldn't be secure enough to hold through the school day. The barrettes couldn't close; they would only shut over a few strands, barely holding anything back. My last resort was the enormous "jaw" clip that looked like a big shark's mouth.

With some struggle, I was able to get my hair into the clip. Suddenly, I felt a looseness on the back of my head. I heard a small cracking noise against the wall behind me. When I felt my head, pieces of the big jaw clip crumbled into my hand. My enormous hair had not only broken the clip, but literally exploded it, throwing a piece against the wall. I'm only telling this story to illustrate the fact that I have very little esteem in hair products. For other people's hair, I'm sure they work just fine. However, I've basically given up.

And so, I was pleasantly surprised by the Studded Stone Pony Holder from CoverYourHair.com. The first thing to catch my eye was the big silver star with multicolored jewels embedded in it. It's big, but thin and light, not heavy like I imagined it would be. I can barely feel it on my head. My favorite thing about this pony holder is that there are two bands on it instead of one. This helps keep my hair back and secure. Also, the bands are big, stretchy, and covered in a fabric material that won't snag your hair. I was relieved that the pony holder stretched wide enough to hold my hair. It's not too loose, nor too tight, but most importantly, it feels secure enough to get through my nine-hour work day.

Once properly fastened, the Studded Stone Pony Holder created a very cute, curved ponytail with a gorgeous star on top. This product is great for creating a last-minute, glamorous ponytail, or very pretty in a more time-consuming, up-do hairstyle.

Written by: Jacquie Piasta, March 31st 2010

I too have experienced the head-bit and subsuquent explosion of the jaw clip! Looks like you found a cute alternative :)