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White Willow Facial Toner & Lip Repair Butter

Who would have thought that facial toner would be the next new application for aroma therapy? The fresh scent of this toner will have both you and your skin feeling divinely invigorated. Suki says white willow is the holistic anti-inflammatory for every type of skin. Simply mist the toner onto your face after cleansing. It’s also been proven to treat poison ivy. Imagine that. Rose petal, chamomile, calendula and tea tree infusion, extracts of white willow, comfrey and rose... Oh, it’s vegan and organic all the time also.

Holistic, naturalistic, organic, wonderful-ific, the Lip Repair Butter prevented dry, chapped lips during the most brutal of Chicago winters. Going on smooth without feeling greasy, clumpy or waxy, Lip Repair Butter stays on for hours. Each new application replenishes lips with nutrients from such ingredients as jojoba, sunflower oils, grapeseed, vitamin E and other organic goodies.

All the ingredients are especially keen on skin, however, grapeseed has been getting some seriously good words lately. A magical oil produced from pressed organic grapes, it’s jammed with Omega 6 and some of the most powerful antioxidants around. It prevents damage those nasty free radicals cause, and repels sun damage and pollution. So, glide on Lip Repair Butter in the morning under a coat of your favorite lip color or wear naked. It’s good to go all day. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Written by: Jill Dudones, March 30th 2007