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Super Beaver Panties

I'm the kind of person who cannot tolerate uncomfortable clothing. That's not to say I'm perpetually sweatsuit clad, but I'm certainly not the type to hobble around in six-inch heels just because they're hot. I love fashion, but at the end of the day, I'm not willing to maim myself in order to look good. 

Of course, my stringent standards of comfort apply 100% to my undergarments. A lady walks a fine line in this arena. A girl like me needs her undies to walk the walk (be practical) and talk the talk (be fun). The Super Beaver bikini panty from Girlie Pants does just that.

They're cute, that's for sure. The bikini is lemon yellow, one of my favorite colors. Wearing a sunny pair of panties makes your day better, doesn't it? A screen printed beaver sits right up front, wearing a cape, mask, and sweater labeled “SB” for Super Beaver. I tend to bristle at colloquialisms that liken my vagina to a rodent that lives in a marsh, but this design made me smile. It's not so much about the beaver. This time it's about the super, and I can get down with that.

The undies themselves were comfortable and well-cut, so they've earned themselves a permanent spot in my underwear rotation. The size (medium) fit me well, and I can wear them all day without ever thinking twice about them. Girlie Pants knows enough about what women want to make their products out of cotton (you gotta let it breathe, girls!), but with enough stretch so that they're neither baggy nor constricting. I wore this pair four times to test them out, and not once did they ride up or twist themselves into anyplace they weren't invited.

Girlie Pants makes undies that are cute, fun, irreverent, and comfortable, with a side dish of girl power. What's not to like?

Written by: Jess Brock, March 30th 2009