Elevate Difference

Swallow Throw Pillow

Sin in Linen is a fun, Seattle-based company started by Sandy Glaze. The company offers not just the pillow that I was sent for review, but sheets, duvet covers, sleepwear, T-shirts and an array of other products. Glaze appears to have a good feel for a more edgy, but design-conscious line for those who have taste for the rockabilly aesthetic. She offers patterns like the skull-and-crossbones, knives, thorny rose, an unrestrained black and white Victorian “wallflower” (my favorite), the pin-up vixen and the traditional Mom tattoo theme. Sin in Linen provides nice relief from the stodgy, conservative floral pattern of traditional bed linens. After all, our bedrooms are our sanctuary in our homes, aren’t they? I find cheeky linens like this to be entertaining and sassy. No ruffles, no Jessica McClintock '80s floral patterns and no heavy, indigestible upholstery, but Sin in Linen offers a simple and spirited style.

The Swallow Throw Pillow comes in white, but the standard pillowcases come in both white and crème. It would be nice to see the throw pillow in other colors for more options, perhaps a black to counter the delicate and feminine associations one has with the throw pillow. It is covered in a very soft 300 thread-count Egyptian cotton sateen, which was a pleasant surprise. I was also unaware of the sparrow’s symbolic meaning of “Wordly travel.” It makes me pillow more to me than just a mere throw pillow, but also a statement of style and substance.

Written by: Erin Murphy, July 30th 2007