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Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder

The Honey of the Nymph Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder is from the Shunga Erotic Art line. The word “shunga” commonly refers to Japanese erotic paintings from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. The company brochure says the collection was inspired by the sexual imagination and fantasy of such paintings. The company claims to have “collected a range of products for the lovers of lovemaking, those who must fully experience their intimate moments in a spirit of sensuality, excitement and passion.”

I think this product is especially suited to people who like their intimate moments to be a bit… messy. This mixture of modified starch and corn starch (which may also contain honey bake, aspartame, natural and/or artificial flavor) is essentially a dust which comes with a small, wooden handled feather duster. Applying the powder with the plumes leads to a small cloud of sweet smelling dust that sometimes includes tiny feathers. Of course, the dust that doesn’t make it onto the skin is going to end up on the sheets, on top of the stereo and all over the floor.

The powder does not have an unpleasant flavor. It is not overly sweet and leaves no after taste, but I wouldn’t choose to consume more than a small amount. The feather applicator felt deliciously tickly on my skin, but it does seem to be made of genuine feathers, so vegans beware. (Vegans may also want to do some research into the “honey bake” listed as a potential ingredient.)

Although I’m typically quite the sensualist, I didn’t find this “lovemaking” enhancement all that exciting. If I were already in the mood for sex, I might find this product thrilling, but if I were trying to get into the mood for sex, I think this product would just make me giggle. Personally, if I wanted to spice up my sex life, instead of buying this powder, I would take the money and buy some good lube or a bottle of tequila.

Written by: Chantel C. Guidry, August 5th 2007
Tags: powder, sex

Chantel, this is my favorite review you've written. Like using this love dust when not in the mood, your review made me giggle. much love, kelli