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Swinger's Pad

Available only through Womyn's Ware, a Vancouver-based company that promotes consumer advocacy and a focus on sexual products "for the celebration and empowerment of women's sexuality," the Swinger's Pad is a figure eight shaped pad with different sized tips arranged in two flower-like patterns for clit stimulation and a hole through which to place various sex toys.

Depending on what position the owner of this pad is attempting, the pad can be used alone or in a harness for clit stimulation when thrusting with a dildo or butt plug, or around the shaft of the penis to create a clitoral pad on a male's pubic mound. Neither of us had anything similar to this, so my girlfriend and I were excited to give it a whirl, as it seemed like a bonus to our existing collection of sex toys. The pad wasn’t too awkward to use, as it was flexible enough to contour well to various angles and firm enough to usually stay put and not slip around too much.

However, there was only position that my girlfriend and I tried it in that felt particularly stimulating, and that was around the outside of a harness while using a dildo. I liked the texture of the pad, but could very easily see it being too rough against more sensitive clits. We did not find the Swinger’s Pad satisfying at all when used alone for clit stimulation. It just kind of made us both laugh trying it on each other. The aspect of the pad I liked most was that the pad could be used for a variety of sexual interests and wasn’t geared towards any one in particular. Although I think it is great to support companies that have such great values and that focus on empowering women sexually, our Swinger's Pad ended up being used only on a rare occasion when we remembered it existed. I feel it would probably be better as a bonus accessory for folks who already have a collection of sex toys and are willing to spend around $40 to take things up a notch.

Written by: Lesley Kartali, July 11th 2007
Tags: sex, sex toy

ive been looking for this type of toy for a long time, i saw one once and thought it was brilliant! im happy i found it, it was hard to describe to people and cock rings just dont do it, thanx