Elevate Difference

Remixes Compiled

Ever since their first LP, Farenheight Fair Enough, I have enjoyed the graceful marriage of technology and music of the Chicago-based duo, Telefon Tel Aviv. They are described as producing “ambient techno” music. Regardless of categorization, Telefon Tel Aviv continues to be soulful and inventive.

Put out by Hefty Records, their newest release, Remixes Compiled is an exciting collection of remixes from the past seven years. Organized chronologically, the album exhibits development from beginning to end. The opening tracks showcase technical soundscapes and while intelligently remixed with some of Telefon Tel Aviv’s signature sounds, in this reviewer’s opinion the later tracks are more thoughtful. The later tracks exhibit more seamless blending techniques that create truly beautiful remixes, like that of Slicker’s “Knock Me Down Girl,” the final track on the album and my hands-down favorite.

Remixes Compiled passed the “friend-riding-shotgun” test. When riding with someone who has different tastes in music, I popped in this album to see what would happen. What they heard of the album garnered the enthusiastic comment, “Hey! This is really good!” and the follow up question, “Where can I find this?” Never failing to pique interest, it passed with flying colors. In terms of songs and genres, this is an eclectic mix with something for everyone. Nine Inch Nails and Bebel Gilberto are under the same roof, just to give an example. Be you a newcomer or a long-time listener, this album illustrates some of the best that Telefon Tel Aviv has to offer.

Written by: Lillian B., June 13th 2007