Elevate Difference

The Theory of Tides

Oceans and tides have served as artistic muses for centuries, and I was curious to listen to music inspired by a scientific theory that explains "the dynamics of fluidity, the pull of bodies in motion, the ebb and flow of attraction." Upon first and second listen, The Theory of Tides didn’t grab me, but the third time around was a charm, and I found myself appreciating the music more.

Lead singer Mirana has the kind of voice that can sound almost dissonant at times, but it suits The Theory of Tides' style of music, which has the feel of urban techno pop. The first track, “Unsure,” is probably my favorite lyrically, as I find the words repeating in my head hours later. In the chorus of the song Mirana asks, “When did I become so unsure, of you, of me, of everything?” The question is posed against a backdrop of pulsating electronic sound. Another favorite track is “Corner” because of its sophisticated, jazzy, Latin quality that serves Mirana’s voice well.

On “Elated,” the vocals have a sultry, chanteuse-like quality that wouldn’t be out of place in a French cabaret, but the electro-pop background is straight out of the twenty-first century. This may not be my favorite album, but I play it on days when I feel slightly out of sorts and disconnected from my surroundings. It's music that matches my mood.

Written by: Gita Tewari, March 14th 2010