Elevate Difference

Leopard Throw Pillow

I was surprised to hear a shriek of delight from my house guest as she entered my messy apartment. I had forgotten that in a last minute effort to spruce up the place I had carelessly tossed my leopard Sin in Linen throw pillow on my living room couch. However, I was instantly made aware of its presence when my house guest followed her shriek with “I want that pillow!” As my personal anecdote demonstrates, if you are an alternative stylish individual and wish to express this through your linens, clearly, Sin in Linen is the place for you.

With unusual 1940s and 1950s inspired designs, Sin in Linen is perfect for all young/edgy/rockabilly types. Browsing the Sin in Linen website will give you plenty of gift ideas for all your alternative loved ones. Think about that edgy niece of yours who is going off to college and would love to impress her dorm mate with leopard print dorm bedding. Or, how about the adorable zebra print baby bedding which would be the perfect gift for that hip unmarried couple you know who are planning on a little one. Particularly appealing to me is the red sugar skull bedding collection inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead ceremonies.

But even if retro, alternative designs aren’t quite your thing, supporting Sin in Linen owner Sandy Glaze is reason enough for feminists to jump at the chance to meet their various bathroom, kitchen, and bedding needs through Sin in Linen. Those of you Seattlelites like me may recognize Sandy Glaze as former Rat City Rollergirl Ann Munition #357. For the past two decades, Glaze has been a huge supporter of the alternative art communities up and down the coast. She sees her company Sin in Linen as an extension of her passion to encourage and enable everyone to express themselves in every way possible.

Written by: Colleen S. Kenny, September 28th 2010