Elevate Difference


Thunderball is an arty, urban collaboration of DJs that is comparable to a modern version of Dee-Lite. Cinescope is their latest offering to the tripped out gods of the discothèque. You could liken this 46-minute disc to Ali Baba and his forty thieves getting down with Shaft in Africa. Melding elements of Latin jazz, funk, reggae, disco, break beat and Indian strings, Cinescope takes listeners on a twelve-song magic carpet ride that is vibrant and worldly. The songs are catchy and flow nicely as they hover around the four-minute mark – long enough to develop character, but not so long that they become monotonous. Though the concoction might be a little too pompous for more grounded listeners, the sort of sexploitation doing lines in the bathroom with blaxploitation, Indian hipster funk set to the vibe of a Charlie’s Angels marathon vibe might appeal to the jet setting dilettante crowd.

Written by: Patricia Valery, January 22nd 2007