Elevate Difference


The next greatest soundtrack to your decidedly indie rock life, Tilly and the Wall deliver nothing short of compositional greatness on their third album, O.

Known for their youthful, glossy, happy-go-lucky doses of indie pop, this album takes on fun fare while addressing a few deeper issues. “Pot Kettle Black,” for instance, critiques girl cliques and name-calling all too familiar to women of all ages. Multiple songs (“I Found You,” “Tall Tall Grass”) are about the unending search for rock (which is hilarious or very serious, depending on your state of mind). Songs like “Alligator Skin” just make you want to leap around and dance wildly, while the calming “Chandelier Lake” makes me feel like taking a luxurious hammock nap in the breeze. Named for the shape of the album artwork, not a rumored nod to orgasms or the band’s native Omaha, the album is much like an "o", a circle: rounded and full, all-encompassing of a quirky, beautiful style.

Once upon the early 00’s, when I lived in a neighboring Midwestern college town of indie glory, I had a crush on any band straight outta Omaha. These days, I’m just happy to see Tilly and the Wall keeping it real with upbeat melodies and sassy lyrics about in-crowds and rock. Some things never change.

Written by: Brittany Shoot, September 21st 2008