Elevate Difference


Here is one golden child in the blended world of rock, roots and Americana; with his sometimes ranting but passion-filled album North, Tim Emmerick & Cold Front County do it up on their debut. Hearing desire and passion, struggle and reminiscing, you want to cry and hug the guy for his close to home storytelling and in-your-face lyrics.

Putting out a well-crafted and sing-along sound, Emmerick creatively hearkens identifiable rites of passage for all of us, and he echoes early '90s rock with a ripping and raspy start on his first track “Black River Bridge.” Hearing the influences of Wilco and Steve Earl, you harmonize with the lyrics of “This Time Last Year” while appreciating all instruments surrounding the lyrics. With a pack of musicians, Emmerick experiments with sound, sometimes throwing a punk beat into his distinct melodies. The pedal steel guitar in “Mercy” ends with a note and nod to his mother, and yes, this is heart-wrenching!

Somber and sincere, cohesive and warm, this album introduces us to the band; as they continue to create, their sound will only get stronger. Listen to it, and you will agree! North rocks!

Written by: Carolyn Espe, March 2nd 2007

North is an awesome album. So glad I discovered this band. Look for Tim in the NY area ... live show is a must see.