Elevate Difference

Transformation Candle

Aptly enough, I first lit my Werewolf Collection Transformation candle during a full moon. Fortunately, no silver bullets were needed, as this candle merely transformed my room with scent. A mixture of spicy woodland berries and red currant, this candle's deep, pleasant aroma reminds me of men's cologne. As with all of the other Dark Candles I have tried, Transformation's essence is subtle and soft, leaving a gentle aroma in its wake when lit. If you don't like being overwhelmed by aromatherapy, then you will enjoy the light fragrance in these candles. As with all of the burnables made by Dark Candles, this votive is poured and prepared by hand, with a great deal of attention paid to the quality of the product. Each Dark Candle has its own macabre theme, with an appropriately spooky fragrance, color and packaging to match. Perfect for the Werewolf, Vampire or Goth on your gift list!

Written by: Beeb Ashcroft, August 21st 2007