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Transformative Facial Clay

It’s green tea infusion and earthy aroma make the Transformative Facial Clay by Suki a wonderful addition to your regular regimen. If you have never tried a clay mask, try this one! What is really appreciable about this product is its simplicity. The texture is smooth and, because the consistency is very thin, a few drops go a long way. Don’t be fooled by the term “clay.” The Transformative Facial Clay is not heavy, or sticky, and it’s easy to wash away. It’s cool going on and dries fast, but retains a nice flexibility. This product can easily be used anytime without the hassle of other facial “clays” or “mud.”

Suki has made a natural product that is also perfect for those who have been turned off by the extra work of applying and removing other abrasive, sticky or clumpy products. There is no irritation because the product just doesn’t contain any irritants. Suki's Transformative Facial Clay is efficient and has a top-line quality.

Written by: Aaron Nugua, March 2nd 2007