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Trinity of ChocoLove

It may shock you to hear that I'm not a fan of chocolate. (You may pick your jaw up from the ground now.) I've become familiar with the looks of disbelief after I make this radical confession. So why would a girl who doesn't like chocolate want to review the dreaded confection? Well, from time to time I get a hold of something that gives me hope, and I'm not afraid to be proven wrong.

Thanks should be given to Chloe Jo for making me privy to Painter Girl Chocolates, a company that makes me glad I'm not dogmatic in my sweets aversion. The Animal Print Chocolate bar was artful and delicious. I tried The Snow Leopard, a white chocolate bar with literal spots of dark chocolate. The sweetness is cut by a slight lemony flavor, which accents the white chocolate quite nicely.

Another cute and tasty goody is the aptly named Caramel Paint Tube. As you may have gained from the appellation, these have gooey caramel stuffed inside dark chocolate and comes in the shape of a squeeze tube of paint. The taste is creamy and (dare I say) divine, just the right mix of this classic combination.

The last treat I sampled was a cinnamon sprinkled Bon Bon that comes wrapped in colored foil. Uh... yum! This chocolate is rich and decadent, which means you only have to eat one to get your fix. (But for those on the opposite side of the chocolate adoration continuum, you might think differently.)

With Valentine's Day just days away, you can either wait until the last minute and give your loved one some quick and thoughtless gift, like flowers from the corner store or a cheap bottle of wine, or you can buy that special someone one of these fabulous chocolates and feel good knowing that the profits benefit the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. Now that's what I call spreading the love.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, February 7th 2007