Elevate Difference

Trespassing through Time

Do you like Sandra Bullock? Some people do, and some people don't. But she does have a certain appeal, a wide-open smile that brightens the celluloid, and her popularity is evidenced by box office stats and the ability to get Miss Congeniality made into a sequel. Well, Trusting Calliope has a similar charm.

Jill Horn and Susannah Meyer are both California natives who are often mistaken for sisters. Before they joined forces, their lives ran parallel paths. From school experiences, to marriage, to having children, each went through similar things at similar times until the fateful day that they happened to move in right next door to one another. A friendship sparked between them that fostered the dreams each had kept dormant under the demands of motherhood. And so, united by the mutual understanding of two women raising families, side-by-side, they encouraged each other, and quickly became creative partners and best friends.

Their debut album, Trespassing through Time, explores the potential of two women who believe that they were born to sing together and as a result do so with great joy and an obvious passion for their creation. With a folk-country flavor, the vocals are strong enough to blend many different styles of music into one cohesive work. They have made an accessible album that expresses common emotions through lyrical stories, "Every day lives of friends and family- the trials, tribulations, and joys of daily life- all were up for interpretation and a melody line."

Their voices are very similar and harmonically suited. Both are talented women with a penchant for poetry, and each brings unique life experiences to their lyrics; Susannah's son has a high functioning form of autism and Jill's son entered the Navy during wartime. The songs on this album express feelings of loneliness, a mother's concern for her children, and a desire to be optimistic in what can be a very isolating world.

Written by: Jen Wilson Lloyd, April 17th 2007