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Two Roads Necklace / Forever Necklace

Cloudberries—also known as 'bakeapples'—are a tiny fruit found in the Northern Hemisphere. Like jewelry designer Ioulia, who hails from Espoo in the Helsinki municipality of Finland, cloudberries thrive in colder climates and produce rich color. Influenced by their delicate vibrancy, Ioulia named her shop for the cinnamon-colored berries. In her beautiful handcrafted designs, it's easy to see the simple but elegant inspiration.

I’m a sucker for pretty gift wrapping. Once upon an embarrassing childhood, I won an enormous 4-H trophy: Reserve Grand Champion, Gift Wrapping. My quirky perfectionist traits apparently manifest early. When I received my dainty package from Ioulia, I was immediately charmed by the thin corrugated chocolate cardboard box. Inside, I found even greater joy: two thin asymmetrical necklaces, Two Roads and Forever, in black/gray and amber-brown respectively.

As Ioulia says, "Asymmetry is not for everyone." That's a shame because a little nonconformity never hurt anyone. Her asymmetrical necklaces are simply divine. Both Two Roads and Forever versions of her off-center designs are made with simple, but stylish colors, catching the light in almost any room without being overly dramatic. Wearing Ioulia's necklaces, you never have to fear unintentional conspicuousness. All of her designs can be custom ordered, and I personally chose earthy tones to best match the muted colors of my wardrobe. If it is of concern, all of Ioulia's beaded necklaces are also hypoallergenic.

My best friend, an employment lawyer who has better style than anyone I have ever known, will be receiving a Forever necklace for her January birthday. It's always a challenge to present her with impressive accessories, but at least I know she does not obsessively read my reviews. I think I can keep this one under wraps for a few more months.

Written by: Brittany Shoot, October 31st 2009

Very beautiful designs she makes indeed!

Nice post! Ioulia's work deserves it indeed!

Thanks Su Lin! I have a review of her super cute earrings going up soon too. That she's fabulously pleasant to work with makes her a total package as a designer :)


Thanks for the review Brittany. Ioulia does beautiful work-I'm also smitten with the asymmetry designs.

Su Lin