Elevate Difference

Only Rock and Roll Can Save Us

Tyler Read’s new album Only Rock & Roll Can Save Us is a refreshing meld of new sounds with classic rock influences. The lyrics are raw and alluring, while the melodies remain catchy. But don’t worry; there is nothing “bubble gum” about this album. The music borders on heavy metal, but the influences of rock and roll legends, such as Queen, keep the sound and lyrics from being too hard. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Only Rock & Roll Can Save Us. The title track offers a modern take on the basic rock anthem. The songs are just edgy enough to be cool without being too much for the average listener.

There are a couple of songs that I do have an issue with, such as “Baby’s Got A Temper” and “Private School Girls.” The lyrics in these two songs are very demeaning and offer a stereotypical rocker’s view of women. It is a shame that Tyler Read’s talents have been wasted on sexist clichés when the band has so much to offer. I can only hope that their future endeavors will focus their talents on worthwhile lyrics as opposed to the traditional bad-boy fare that degrades women.

Written by: Becky Barry, June 21st 2007