Elevate Difference

Vanderbilt A-Light Lamp

Bringing the urban landscape into the home environment, designer Donna Jo Brady creates lighting fixtures that illuminate the beauty in street culture. The construction of the Vanderbilt A-Light Lamp base is sleek and modern, which contrasts the gritty artwork on the lampshade itself. The design melds together two different artistic worlds in a way that exemplifies the way they compliment each other.

On this lamp, dripping paint and rust eating away at metal meet a clean birch wood base. Other lampshade designs utilize graffiti, stenciling, blotches of color, aged brick, and vines that snake up the shade, which can also be seen on so many buildings here in New York City. It's clear where this Brooklyn-based artist gets her inspiration... not to mention the names of her creations, which include Bedford, Kent, South 3rd, Wythe, and Metropolitan. Yes, that's Metropolitan, as in the street where Feminist Review resides in the ever-popular Williamsburg neighborhood.

This lamp is perfect for a side table accent piece at about 10" high, and is perfect for anyone who finds themselves caught up in the romance of the NYC's paradoxical aesthetic presentation.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, February 15th 2007