Elevate Difference

Vanilla Shortbread

The Sun Flour Baking Company has been making vegan cookies since 1993. The founder continued to experiment with the ingredients until he believe he’d found the best combination of natural, egg- and dairy-free ingredients needed to make stellar vegan cookies. I generally don’t mind vegan products, and I absolutely love shortbread, so I was excited to try Sun Flour’s Vanilla Shortbread cookies. However, the cookies were a disappointment. I opened the box hoping for solid pieces of shortbread and instead found small jagged pieces of cookie jumbled together in a box. The cookies’ texture was dry and crumbly—which probably contributed to their lack of solid shape. On the upside, the cookies tasted like shortbread, but they left a bizarre, dry aftertaste that left me disinclined to eat another. Instead of sampling this Vanilla Shortbread, I’d petition the Girl Scouts to make a vegan version of their Trefoils. I think they’d turn out infinitely better.

Written by: Mavis Linnemann, May 27th 2007