Elevate Difference

Hats Off to the Buskers

The View’s Hats off to the Buskers opens with “Comin’ Down,” a ruff and raw garage sound with a catchy hook and muffled vocals. “Superstar Tradesman” is no different and continues along in the same vein. The comparisons swirl overhead as the music continues. I hear Jet, Phantom Planet, The Strokes, The Sex Pistols and Fishbone. “Same Jeans” and “Don’t Tell Me” are lighter and more mainstream. The hard riffs have been replaced with whistles and thinner, gentler music. “Skag Trendy” rocks like the earlier tracks with vocals reminiscent of Johnny Rotten. “Claudia,” the band’s version of a ballad is sweet and sentimental.

Overall, this album seems to lack consistency. Their punkier, garage rock tracks shine. “Wasteland” is powerful and magnetic. When the band teeters into soft, dragging territory, it does not suit them. In a sea of comparisons, The View needs to find their own voice and decide what they want to play and how they want to sound. For now, The View manages to hold my interest and keep me listening.

Written by: Jill M. O’Malley, June 17th 2007