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Vintage Fabric Squares

Repro Depot has been bookmarked on my computer for over a year. Whenever I’m in a creative lurch, searching for some vintage, retro-theme inspiration, it’s the click I clack. Repro Depot is a fantastic source for vintage and new fabrics for anyone who appreciates a good Hula Girl print, or a wacky cowpoke scene on a yard of cotton.

The variety pack of fifteen fabric sample squares I received was inspiring. It was like going to a fabric store, with the happy bonus of avoiding the grainy bolts of polyester. My pile of squares came with a purple, polka dot, shiny sample; a repeated sour apple print; some new stripes; and a big, fat paisley. I laid the squares on my desk and started fooling around with the colors and patterns, giving me idea upon idea for collages, quilts, paintings, home décor projects and some great bags I could stitch.

For inspiration, or full-out crafty maniacal projects, check out the Repro Depot site. It has the fabric, the buttons, the ribbons and some wicked tape measures.

Written by: Sarah Papple, June 13th 2007