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Vintage Ornament Charm Bracelet

Angel Court Jewels, the self-proclaimed “craftsmen of little saints” creates beautiful products with old age appeal. Their Vintage Ornament Charm Bracelet is truly a capsule piece; it is beautiful today, and it will remain so twenty years from now. The bracelet consists of three deep green beads and three large gold charms, fastened to a sturdy gold-plated chain. This is a piece with substance. It is well-built; I have worn it almost daily for two weeks and did not once worry about the charms falling off or the bracelet becoming unclasped. With the exception of the beads, the entire bracelet is plated in gold and, despite the size of the charms and thickness of the chain, it looks delicate when worn. It is surprisingly versatile; I have paired it with successfully with jeans and with dresses. I would not, however, recommend wearing it to work; the size of the breads and charms make it difficult to write and type. It is a piece that is meant to be on display, and is a perfect companion for a night out on the town. If you like larger than life jewelry, this bracelet is for you. It is fresh, funky, versatile, and guaranteed to grab attention and garner compliments.

Written by: Cheryl Santa Maria, February 2nd 2007