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Votive and Glass Jar Candles

I admit, I am a candle junkie. I have tried all kinds of varieties: scented and unscented, expensive and inexpensive, domestic and foreign. (Really!) But the selections I've sampled from Three Sisters Candles are by far the best I've tried to date.

Founding sister Sue Landwehr got the idea for starting the Oregon-based company when she was unemployed a few years back. Unable to fund her candle habit, she started making her own.

And lucky for us that she did! From flowers to fruits (violet, blueberry patch and pomegranate are my favorites) to seasonal scents such as peppermint and mulberry, one votive is enough to spice up a small room without overpowering it. The glass jar candles are an elegant addition, too.

There's no "black mushroom cloud," as Landwehr puts it, when the wick burns, and at $1.25 for a votive and $5.95 for a glass jar candle, they're perfect for your pocketbook. In addition to buying a quality product, you're buying from a small, progressive, women-owned business.

Written by: M.L. Madison, February 6th 2007

I love candles that are garden inspired. Kathy Ireland has these Jardin du Jour candles that come in a flowers frog/vase. They're great, I need to find more. Can anyone help?