Elevate Difference


Ember Necessary Baggage is a company founded by one woman, Ellen M. Belanger, who creates personal bags – including handbags, totes, and wallets. Her artistry is seen in cleverly crafted designs and carefully stitched construction. Each and every bag is made by hand, often a one-of-a-kind piece. This loving attention to detail creates crafter kinship, as many of her patrons either create their own works or simply have an appreciation for hand crafted artisan goods.

This Ember Necessary Baggage wallet is made of tasteful blue and cream striped fabric with a hint of yellow. This color combination conveys the relaxation of a summer cottage on the beach. The construction of the wallet is durable with each ending seam being backstitched for extra strength. The wallet itself is a simple design of an overlapping fold secured with velcro that opens to an inside pocket large enough to hold several credit cards and cash. Upon investigation of this pocket a satin ribbon with a gold imprint of emberbags.com is found; which is a lovely touch over those mass produced manufacturer tags found in industrial made items. There is also a card stock tag attached to the wallet that is complete with not only the company name and website, but also the designer’s name, e-mail address, and phone number! Those are personal details only found in a handmade item adding to the customer care and quality of service. This wallet is truly delightful. A sturdy piece with multiple uses, this cute accessory has additional value by knowing it was hand crafted.

Written by: Sarah Eve Nichols-Fulghum, July 2nd 2008

Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful review. I don't know how or why you choose my work to review but I'm glad you did. May I send you a small sample of my appreciation? Ellen Belanger