Elevate Difference


The opening and strongest tracks on Venus. “Venus” and “Now You Know,” from this five-piece band from Ohio are catchy, energetic and fun, setting the atmosphere for the rest of this pop-punk album. As the title implies, the songs are about love, but so much so that it delivers a kind of monotony, which drives the listener away at times.

“Blue Coat, Black Hair” reminds me of Billy Talent with its faced-paced, hardcore sound and screaming vocals. Songs switch between slow ballads and music that has a definite ’70s glam-rock feel - like that of “Still Don’t Know Your Name” and “Hey Love,” which makes me think of David Bowie.

I find myself wanting to hear more variety in the over-the-top upbeat vocals and its melodramatic consistency. “So Physical” is probably the weakest single, with an overly polished quality that’s reflected throughout much of the 12-track CD. Singer Jeremy Lublin’s voice dominates, as do the drums; the electric guitar pieces are pushed to the background, but its openings are great, especially in “Camera Tricks.” I prefer the slower melodies like “Close Your Eyes” and “You’re My Halo,” which you can imagine being a soundtrack to a musical like Grease!

Overall, if you like Hot Hot Heat and enjoy listening to a playful, dance-y, glam-rock sound then you may find Venus quite infectious.

Written by: Payal Patel, March 30th 2007