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Where Did I Leave My Glasses?: The What, When, and Why of Normal Memory Loss

I knew Where Did I Leave My Glasses? was for me the moment I read its title; by the time I finished the first chapter I was sure that it would be my ‘Bible’ for rest of my life. This informative book on memory loss by Martha Weinman Lear assures us that “memory loss” is perfectly normal as we age. Well, aging may not be a very comforting thought (at least for me), but once we accept this fact “gracefully,” we will accept “memory loss” as its accomplice.

Ms. Lear makes the book very readable and entertaining with amusing life experiences and good humor. She explains the “technicalities” of the human brain in simple words and with simple examples. Who wouldn’t understand if the complex works of neurons, neurotransmitters inside the brain is compared to the big O—Orgasm!

This well researched book includes excerpts of the interviews and expert opinions of neurologists, biologists; cardiologists, psychologists, anthropologists, and many other “ologists” (and some amazing combos like neuropsychologists).

The best part of the book is the tips Ms. Lear gives for memory retention like repetition and word association. Did you know, for example, that aerobics boosts your memory? Ms. Lear distinguishes between “normal” and “not so normal” memory loss, which gives us the clue when to start worrying about memory loss.

This book is a must read for the types like me who have “what’s his/her name,” “tip of the tongue,” and “what I had for weekend’s lunch” issues. Though I know that I am getting older, that at least is much more comforting than to know that I have amnesia.

Written by: Sunitha Jayan, July 7th 2009
Tags: aging, memory