Elevate Difference

White Elephant Necklace / Raspberry Earrings / Pig Earrings

I am so thankful that my fabulously dainty ‘white elephant’ necklace does not live up to its name. Neither a possession of disproportionate upkeep costs, or a regift from a bad party game, the newest tiny charm on a chain comes courtesy of Cornyness, a delightful online jewelry shop.

Cornyness, run by a super nice gal named Danwei, offers a variety of handmade accessories to suit just about anyone with a taste for the quirky and cute. From earrings to phone charms to fuzzy pendants, every creation is handmade, “unique and made with love.” Never garish or bulky, most items are on the small side while still remaining fashionably noticeable. For a veg head like myself, few accessories are cuter or more appropriate than dainty earrings of raspberries and pigs, respectively. Pigs—the fourth smartest animal, mind you—are some of my favorite four-legged friends, and what better way to proclaim my love of curly tails and oinks of joy? Have you ever given a pig a back scratch? You really oughta try it. You may have pandemic-related concerns, but maybe you could at least start with some dangly little charms to warm up to our pink pals.

Shop merchandise rotates regularly and the site even features a “sold out gallery” with some of the recent popular pieces that have since been shipped off to happy customers. If you’re really stuck on a particular sold out item, ask politely for a custom order.

If you fear online ordering—though that’s likely untrue if you’re reading our fabulous blog—you can also pick up Danwei’s creations in shops around the globe, from Boston to Marseille to Malmö.

Written by: Brittany Shoot, July 10th 2009