Elevate Difference

Wild Mercy

Wild Mercy is a compilation of poetry that is directly inspired by the art of Tarot. It is artfully written and beautifully paced. Those unfamiliar with Tarot reading will definitely have their interest sparked and will appreciate Cunningham's exquisite execution of the collection. Wild Mercy had me spellbound from start to finish, with every poem being a unique spiritual endeavor. The journey of the compilation is unique in itself. Cunningham has divided the book into eight distinct parts, each part correlating with a specific Tarot card and are as follows: Empress, Hanged One, Moon, Judgement, Devil, Star, Hermit and Death. Cunningham imbeds some of her own life into each chapter. One I particularly loved was Devil, in which almost all of the poems were about her father.

The book possesses a free spirited feel of femininity and liberation. Each poem is definitely told from a woman's perspective and celebrates womanhood in all her moods, seasons and glory. Each themed chapter brings about a fresh new feel and mood which is perfect for different kinds of rituals or meditation. I have enjoyed my own journey with the book and feel doubly inspired. Cunningham approaches each poem from a position of strength, beauty and power, and each poem should inspire all who read them. Perfect for sharing or for leisurely reading, Wild Mercy is definitely for the free of heart.

Written by: Adrione N. Council, April 14th 2007