Elevate Difference

Golden Sun

The Winter Blanket: a perfect name for this band, one that describes the feelings this band evokes: soft, comfortable and warm. This 6-song EP is sure to leave many listeners eager to hear more from this Minnesota band. When asked why the band delivered an EP, rather than a full-length record, the band reports: “We took the cream of the crop, no filler and put it on the EP.” And we thank them because this EP is solid from beginning to end. From the poppy, beat-driven first song, “Sleepy Eyes” with vocals by Stephanie Davila to the slow, but precise title track with vocals by Doug Miller at the end, this record provides a nice sampling of indie rock loveliness. Introspective lyrics in almost a whisper on “Leaving Card” resonate for folks who remember how they have hurt those they loved: “There’s a lot of things, yeah, I shouldn’t have said. There’s so many things I wish you didn’t witness…. There’s still a place for you in my bed, to wake me from tornado dreams and suffocate my head. It’s so hard to hide, I’m unstable.” Bottom line: if you like sweet indie rock, with female and male vocals, you’ll probably like Golden Sun.

Written by: Ailecia Ruscin, May 8th 2007