Elevate Difference

Wise Owl Pendant

The Wise Owl Pendant is just the kind of jewelry I love. First of all, it’s unique. The pendant was obviously made with an artist’s eye for arresting images. While owls have become popular figure in hipster iconography, there’s nothing cliché about NoisyBirdStudio’s representation of the popular bird. Somewhere on the line between charm and intelligence, this owl is a conversation piece. NoisyBirdStudio’s etsy site also offers a version of the owl pedant called the “cutie owl,” which may be the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. I’m tempted to own both owls and wear them according to my daily mood!

NoisyBirdStudio is a husband and wife team out of New Hampshire who have a spectacular variety of pendants on their Etsy shop. Their jewelry is retro-inspired, but has a simplicity that seems modern. There’s also a fair selection of themed pendants for kids of both genders that would make a great present for the child who has everything.

One of my favourite things about NoisyBirdStudio is how the pendant arrived. Wrapped gently in a velvet bag, these pendants are all set to go as gifts. Extra touches like that make you feel like you’ve bought something that’s a labour of love. This is one of the best things about buying products from an Etsy shop. In a consumerist market that encourages a large gap between creators of a product and their customers, Etsy gives artists a chance to connect with their clients, who in turn directly support those who put creative work into the belongings we love.

Written by: Jennifer Burgess, September 30th 2009