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The Witch’s Coin: Prosperity and Money Magick

What if you were given the opportunity to not only overcome your financial burdens, but still have enough money to spare? After ending a year filled with recession woes, 2010 is a time of hope for many of us. According to award-winning author Christopher Penczak, anyone can now earn a little green with the help of Mother Nature. In his latest book, The Witch's Coin, readers can transform poverty into prosperity through spells and lessons in Finance 101. While this book will appeal to pagans who are familiar with using herbs, candles, and oils to help better their lives, those who need guidance will greatly benefit from the many lessons Penczak provides. The Witch's Coin is a must-have for a new year of possibilities.

Penczak is no stranger to readers following the pagan religious tradition. As an eclectic Wiccan, he’s published several books that teach the basics of witchcraft, including The Inner Temple of Witchcraft and City Magick. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Penczak would finally release a book on managing one’s finances through spell work, a misunderstood subject that can be as complex as improving one’s love life. Sadly, when someone is suffering from a credit crunch, carefully wording a “prayer” to the universe can be the last thing on our minds. Fortunately, Penczak breaks down the rules of how one can learn to open up opportunities for themselves.

“Just because society sets a standard and you desire it, there is nothing evil or wrong with that desire, as long as you are clear and unattached with that desire,” he states. “New cars, big homes, vacations, and big investments are not good or bad by themselves.” Most importantly, we must learn to have balance in our lives for any spell to work. After all, what would be the purpose of having money if we can’t better ourselves with it? Finally paying off those credit card debts is a major step, but also putting some cash aside to pursue a lifelong passion that can open new doors is also another way to use magic for positive results. Best of all, Penzcak reveals numerous ways on how we can create our paths to financial victory.

One of the many wonderful things Penzcak provides in The Witch's Coin are easy-to-follow spells that not only help attract positive energy, but also assist readers in better understanding their goals. He recommends simply writing out our desires, which is a way for us to visually see what we need to make happen. “Ask for what you want, not necessarily the exact circumstance of how to get it,” he explains. “In the preceding spell, I asked for a job that is acceptable to me, fulfilling my personal criteria, and advancing my career. I didn’t ask for a specific position in a specific company. I could have, but that would close the doors to many opportunities that my magick could have manifested.”

In addition, Penzcak includes recipes for “money attraction incense” and even a “milk and honey bath,” all encompassing herbs have been used for hundreds of years. Who wouldn’t want to relax with fresh ginger and orange peel to calm our bodies and clear our minds? According to Penzcak, the scent of rich cinnamon and clove alone can “expand your consciousness, rather than contract fear and tension” when balancing the checkbook. Even if you’re creating a charm to obtain a new job, he notes, “Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.” Whether you’re a pagan practitioner or not, anyone can benefit from advice on realizing what we want for ourselves and how dreams can become a reality.

Real magic comes from within and goals can only come alive with work and determination. This seems obvious, but too few believe in it. Whether you’re looking to pay off pesky bills or going job hunting, The Witch's Coin is a timely hit on covering the one topic everyone should master.

Written by: Stephanie Nolasco, February 5th 2010