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Women, Power and Politics

I received an email a while back from the International Museum of Women about their online exhibition entitled [Women, Power and Politics](http://www.imow.org/wpp/index). I've been having so much fun following links and exploring the site that I'm just now remembering I never shared it with you all.

The first thing I noticed is that there was a lot of work put into this. The exhibition is broken up into Power, Biology, Appearance, Environment, Religion, Democracy, Voting, Election, Organizing, a Toolkit, and Your Voices. There are drawings, photographs, essays, interviews, resources, etc., and the exhibition is available in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. Some pieces were created by big names, like Gloria Steinem, while many are from regular folks like you and me. The range in tone and content is great. Like I said, a lot of work.

I tried to pick a favorite section, but I just don't have one. Truth is, every time I started to venture into a new area, I'd get lost for hours on end just following all the links. There were two in particular that I still haven't gone through completely: the section on Power, and the Toolkit. I really love that the Power section is broken up into specific countries because it is great to compare the issues of one to the issues of another. Meanwhile, the Toolkit really tries to lay down some steps to take with lots of links to use as examples. Awesomeness!

I do, however, have some favorite pieces. Here are a few:

The PostSecret-inspired Political Dreams for Women The political-minded How to Start a Women's Party The inspiring Girls Helping Girls One young woman's reflection in My Political Life

Written by: frau sally benz, March 2nd 2009
Tags: art, museums, women