Elevate Difference

WonderToast Onesies

I originally noticed Ann Woltz's charming illustrations when looking for a birthday gift for a surrogate niece. Odetta is flourishing on the other side of the planet, but no matter where she's planted, I have no doubt she will bloom. And what better food for a flower than knowledge of global cuisine? Even though one may be mashing bananas through its fists, it's never too early to expand an infant's palette. The items available at the WonderToast site provide assistance. Short- and long-sleeved one-hundred percent cotton onesies are available in bright cerulean, pale yellow, tangerine orange, aqua, and avocado green. Cartoon foodstuffs declaim “D is for Dim Sum,” “N is for Nigiri,” “T is for Tandoori,” “G is for Guacamole” and “F is for Falafel.” A coloring book and cocktail napkins are also available. Tots can wear the healthy reminder “V is for Vegetables” from the sale section. And who could resist chatty ebi? This is the place to pick up one-hundred percent of the daily recommended whimsicality value.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, July 13th 2009