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Write Here: A Journal for You

Many journals are just plain, bound, lined pages. Others overwhelm with too many pictures or inspirational quotes. But Write Here has a pleasant mix of printed text and blank space for the writer, and is the perfect size to pack in your purse for writing while on the bus or when you're on your lunch break.

The first pages of the journal are an open to-do lists, which end with helpful and supportive hints: drink water, breathe, tell my friends why I like them, or remind myself how far I’ve come despite the rocky road. These are great reminders to all of us. It’s like the creators of the journal really want reaching out to you, and encourage you to have a good day.

Some of the pages are lined while others are blank, which allows choice in the way you write. If you’re feeling more straightforward, flip to a page with lines. If you’re feeling more free-form, then go to the open pages that are available. Blue line drawings of elephants, cat faces, flowers, stick figures, stars, and more are found dancing across the pages throughout the journal, and keep things exciting as you open it up.

Write Here was created by two women, and at the front of the book there is a twenty-four-month menstrual record chart along with a section to check off when you give yourself a breast exam. There are tips to make your period less stressful-such as cutting back on salt and caffeine, as well as making sure to exercise, sleep regularly, and consume more calcium. It’s a nice inclusion, and something I’ve never seen in a journal before.

This may not be the best journal to give to the men in your life (though that does depend on the man), but I know I can’t wait to fill up my Write Here journal!

Written by: Kristin Conard, July 22nd 2009