Elevate Difference


Wrongkong bounces through the speakers with a mix of haunting electronic and club sounds. They defy typical song structures through their use of daring beats and tempos, which makes their self-titled debut album both energetic and soothing. You may just find yourself closing your eyes to fully absorb the harmonies on such tracks as “Wide Open” and “Hiding.”

Paired with the melodies, however, are power-pop songs such as “Closer” and “Lovesick.” Listening to these tracks has a high probability of resulting in the sudden urge to dance around whatever room you happen to be in. “Real Boy” will make you wonder if you’ve flashbacked to the days of disco, but, unlike the cheesy songs of the era, you’ll choose to replay Wrongkong over and over again.

Fronted by female singer Cyrena, the lyrics are infused with phrases that many women can relate to. These include “it’s not easy to exist going unnoticed,” “you try to define me, but you don’t know where I was,” and “I love how you use me, soon I’m garbage then you’ll lose me and I’m free as a dove” (which anyone who has ever been used can belt out with fervency). Call me biased, but it is always refreshing to hear powerful female vocals from an up-and-coming band since many of today’s mainstream groups are headlined by men. So, if you’re looking for musical refreshment this latest act from Minty Fresh Records will certainly quench your thirst.

Written by: Michelle Tooker, June 20th 2008