Elevate Difference

Reviews by Aaron Nugua

Transformative Facial Clay

It’s green tea infusion and earthy aroma make the Transformative Facial Clay by Suki a wonderful addition to your regular regimen. If you have never tried a clay mask, try this one! What is really appreciable about this product is its simplicity. The texture is smooth and, because the consistency is very thin, a few drops go a long way. Don’t be fooled by the term “clay.” The Transformative Facial Clay is not heavy, or sticky, and it’s easy to wash away. It’s cool going on and dries fast, but retains a nice flexibility.

Turning the Tide: Challenging the Right on Campus

Turning the Tide: Challenging the Right on Campus includes an inspirational foreword by Howard Zinn. Informative is an understatement; this analysis provides a detailed account of right-wing and extremist vindictiveness on college campuses. This 40-page booklet includes a brief historical overview of the conflict between proponents of religious instruction and progressives who value free thinking in higher education.

Revenge of the Killer Slits EP

The Slits are back! If you are not familiar with this band, the most recent release, _Revenge of the Killer Slits _EP, is a good introduction. For those who relished their punk and dub fusion back in the '70s, this sample of three songs is enough to get you back in the mood. Reggae calls are answered by techno-alternative dance beats in the first track, “Slits Tradition.” The beat is basic and backs up nicely the chanted lyrics and bits of spoken word. The Slits even find room for a couple of quick jazzy riffs.

Girls Speak Out: Finding Your True Self

Founded in 1994, The Girls Speak Out Foundation for girls ages 9-15 is the brain-child of Andrea Johnson and Gloria Steinem. The second edition of Girls Speak Out: Finding Your True Self incorporates the interactive exercises, vignettes, poems, short stories, etc. brought to you by budding feminists who have participated in the program. The scheme of this program and of this book is two fold.

Scenes from the Silent Revolution

Jess Rowland could not have created the tour de force, Scenes From The Silent Revolution, at a better time than during our current epoch, as we find that we have been swimming in the muck of corporate culture for decades. Rowland punctures the shrink-wrap that corporations have fixed around ourdaily lives with a CD and DVD that leaves you feeling raw and unsettled. The DVD includes three scenes: “Ashcroft vs. The Space Librarians,” “The Barbie Explosion” and “McDonaldland is Changing.” The soundtrack is a thing of genius.