Elevate Difference

Reviews by Amber Whitman-Currier


Unmentionables is a striking collection of bold, in-your-face poetry that covers a variety of subjects using a type of broken-up and eclectic writing style. I found the poetry somewhat confusing, and though they focused on ordinary topics, like animals and nature, It was challenging to discern what they were all about.

Merry Christmas: Christmas Classics - The Yule Edition Starring Mariah Carey

This DVD features classic holiday scenes and music sung by the great Mariah Carey. The front of the DVD is colorful and has a picture of Carey in a Santa suit. It also shows you one of the scenes you can enjoy while listening to the songs. The songs are a mix of traditional and more contemporary pieces.

I Still Do: Loving and Living with Alzheimer’s

I Still Do was written to help anyone who has or may be coping with someone in their family who has Alzheimer’s. It is a candid and emotional portrayal of author Judith Fox’s husband Ed along with their heartfelt story. Fox loves photography and capturing that perfect picture, and it shows in the photos in this book, as well as in the striking photo on the book cover.

Eliza Redford Necklace

The Eliza Redford Necklace from Paper Treasure is definitely unique. It was named after a ship that wrecked in a storm on Lake Ontario on November 16, 1893. The necklace it makes you think about the ship that wrecked and the people on it. It takes you back to a far off place and time and makes you wonder about what happened on that day. The necklace has a round, gold locket that opens, allowing the wearer to keep a picture of a loved one close to your heart. Both the face of the locket and the inside can hold a photo.

My Pussy Rocks Panties

These vibrant cherry red briefs are 100% cotton and made in the U.S. by independently-owned Girlie Pants, who prints their designs on American Apparel underwear. The thing that makes these panties unique is the front stencil, which stands out because the caricature on the front is of a hand with two fingers up in the classic and universal rock fork symbol. Above the hand in little black writing are the words "My Pussy Rocks." The fingernails on the hands are painted black, and there is a black band around the wrist.

Nyx Eau de Parfum

When I first received this vial of scent, I was disappointed. It was a tiny little pamphlet with a small vial of the scent attached. The vial itself wasn’t even full. The pamphlet's cover lacked interest, and on the inside were the contents of the vial in great detail. I recognized some ingredients—like jasmine and ylang ylang, black pepper and grapefruit—but when it came to the last ingredients, I was confused? What were ecstatic dance, intoxication, and prophetic sleep? Was this the fantasy aspect of this concoction? On the following page was a description of the perfume.

Whipped Edible Massage Cream

I was very happy to receive this product. This is a great way to spark a couple’s lackluster love life by giving each other a sensual massage. The product came in the flavor of strawberry cheesecake, which is definitely one of my favorite desserts. I loved the tube that the pink cream came in, as well as the black classy writing on the front. It definitely depicted romance. It has a flip top that makes it easy to use, even with creamy hands. It contains softening moisturizers, which is also a plus. When first trying this rich lotion, I was happily surprised by the smell.

Aviator Tee

When I first discovered this t-shirt, I was pleasantly surprised. I have to say, though, I was a little taken aback with the color. It is not something I would normally choose to wear. I usually go for more formal colors in whites, blacks and muted shades. I immediately put it on to test it for form, shape and length. It was marked a large, but it felt like a small to medium on my frame. I was a little disappointed with that. I did, however, study the amusing scene trailing across the upper right shoulder of the garment. It features a girl flying a plane.

Mineral Blush (Satin Collection)

I have always loved makeup, so I was excited when I received this blush for review. I liked the small round container it came in: slick, black with a transparent lid , the name “Jenulence” emblazoned across the top. I think that it would be great for traveling or throwing in your purse. It has a screw on lid so there is no chance for spillage. The bottom label is in gold and contains the name, site address, ingredients, weight and the fact that it is made in the U.S. These are all crucial elements. There were a few problems, though.

There’s Always Tomorrow

When I opened [There’s Always Tomorrow], I was first taken with the layout and colors of the cover and inner jacket. The boldness of the red and the muted blue really complimented each other and gave the sense of class and distinction. I also thought Alison could be a model if this singing thing doesn’t work out. With a slender build and long, flowing reddish brown hair, she is quite striking. When I slipped the CD into my player, I was almost immediately hit by the tone of the singer. To me she sounds a little bit like Cyndi Lauper, who I grew up listening to.

City Beach

When I first received this album, I already had preconceived ideas. I thought the music would be terrible and the lyrics even worse. I was actually pleasantly surprised. When I put the disc in and started listening to the music, it was very positive with good beats. The singer’s voice is mellow and she reminds me of such singers as Melissa Ethridge and Sheryl Crow, which are two of my favorites. This is definitely a feel good compilation. It is full of real life lyrics that I’m sure many people could relate with.