Elevate Difference

Reviews by Anne Corrigan

Victoria Day

My first taste of Melissa McClelland came about a year ago when a friend had me listen to her beautiful rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s ballad of the working class "Factory." Her version gave a feminine and country-tinged perspective that worked brilliantly with the song.


Anyone who has been to college will remember the local coffee shop guitar girl. Perhaps we see the stripped-stockings wearing girl around campus, and then one day we pass the local coffee shop or the student center and there she is, with her guitar and a microphone. All of the sudden we feel insight to this woman, now that we hear her melancholy and somewhat confessional lyrics. Her feminine and fairly vulnerable voice only add to this feeling.

Arco Iris

Upon first listen to Skybox’s single “Various Kitchen Utensils,” you feel transported into the center of a 1920’s silent comedy, or perhaps something starring Buster Keater. The unique pairing of rock music with the sound of old-time vaudeville somehow manages to blend seamlessly and makes for an interesting and fun sound that leaves you wanting more. If indie rock has a flaw it is that it often takes itself too seriously, but Phoenix-based Skybox has found a way to keep all of the joy and edginess of indie rock without losing their sense of humor.

So Much More

Anyone lucky enough to catch the usage of Brett Dennen’s song “There Is So Much More” on the November 9th episode of Grey’s Anatomy would probably have thought it was sung by some classic singer/songwriter that they should know, but simply could not place the name of.