Elevate Difference

Reviews by Annie Moss

Distressed Goth Girl Tee

So the Goth phase passed with the nineties, but that doesn’t mean you can't still wear a distressed little Goth girl on your tee to reflect your inner darkness. Furlesque’s tees look handmade, and there is no reason to doubt that they came from a hand-painted watercolor design. Their tees are soft to the touch and a little see through, but not too pleasing on the eye. Either the design of the little Goth girl in the middle is too small or there just isn’t enough to make this tee shirt feel like more than a fashion victim of a Goth trend.

Temporary Dive

For anyone who follows the likes of offbeat folk musicians, she is a voice worth hearing. Norwegian born Ane Brun’s second album Temporary Dive, is heir to the melancholic sounds of Jeff Buckley with archaic sensibilities of folk musicians like Gillian Welch or Jollie Holland. With song lyrics like: “My friend you left me in the end/I can't believe I'm writing a song/ Where friend rhymes with end,” you think maybe there is some trick she‘s playing in this melanchoholic indulgence, but as soon as the song starts you know that there isn‘t.