Elevate Difference

Reviews by Ari Moore

Fear of Fighting

Fear of Fighting is a short novel about a woman living and working and looking for love. It reminds me, oddly, of Chuck Palahniuk's novels, though it's more comfortable with its queerness.

ARTitude Zine (Issue #23: Winter 2006)

Sweet and sincere, ARTitude Zine includes well-written articles by and about artists and their processes, nifty project ideas with full instructions, and full-color pages displaying readers’ work.

Children of Men

P.D. James’ The Children of Men is a story about the English countryside, devoid of the English. It is the near future, and men have become infertile. Half-deranged, aging women coo over porcelain dolls, pushing their prams through empty streets. An increasingly lonely and oppressed population struggles to maintain normalcy in Britain while chaos rules the rest of this world without hope.

Pillow Fight League: Galapagos Match (1/20/07)

Pillow Fight League is more akin to roller derby than mud wrestling. Sure, there’s violence, but it’s pillow-related. And yes, there are scantily-clad females, but they’re of all different body types and genders, and their carefully-crafted characters and their costumes are the work of creativity and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. The result? Hotness. Pillow Fight League isn’t staged, but it is theatre. The announcer, known as The Mouth, is a big guy who looks and sounds a bit like Penn of Penn and Teller.