Elevate Difference

Reviews by C. Amber Pearce

Lighten Up Sensual Candle

This candle brings thoughts of all things sensual. The flicker of flame and the widening pool of melted wax offer the quiet motion of calm. Slipping into that dreamy world where beauty is a friend and logic says its time to take a day. It’s the music you’ve wanted to hear, and the whoosh of cars passing by outside becomes that of ocean waves washing over you. Somehow it all flows better under water, and you are in deep now with only this flickering beacon to light your path away from the humdrum and into a world of the senses.

Waterproof Vibrating Body Scrunchie

This nylon mesh scrunchie from California Exotic Novelties appears, at first glance, to be a normal scrunchie. Its pastel pink plastic layers disguise a removable cylindrical micro-massager about two inches in length. This softcore scrunchie lightly vibrates at a single frequency with the turning dial situated at one end, requiring two hands to turn the device on and off. However, the scrunchie can easily be held in the palm of one hand if already set to vibrate. As the box advertises, the stimulator is waterproof, holding up well even when immersed.

La Petite “Scooter Babe” Starter Kit

If at first glance needlepoint may not seem to be the most feminist of activities, think again. The sewing and decorating of textile goods has long been a task designated to women. While women have won their place in the workforce, female crafts such as embroidery are losing popularity. What better way to keep the art alive than with the funky designs of Sublime Stitching? The slogan reads, “This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery!” and with all due respect grandma, the La Petite Starter Kit, available for $22.50, is a bit more free form.