Elevate Difference

Reviews by Corey Janssen

New Best Friends

When first hearing Mansions’ sound, a rare and unlikely mutation of early Death Cab for Cutie and standard emo rock band hybrid creeps to mind.

Bitchin' Bodies: Young Women Talk About Body Dissatisfaction

Another day, another book exploring women and their bodies is published. The media is saturated with literature surrounding the female figure—just take a look inside any Barnes and Noble and prepare to be overwhelmed. And sure, we've read them all, so what could possibly be so appealing about Bitchin' Bodies? How can an author tread ground that is already so well-worn? Is this book even worth bothering with?

The Pet-Moving Handbook: Maximize Your Pet's Well-Being And Maintain Your Sanity

In today’s bookstore, finding a barebones look at anything can be a rarity. But if you’re considering relocating sometime in the next year and plan on taking anything from a fish to a flock of cats, it would be wise to consider investing in The Pet-Moving Handbook. At fewer than sixty pages, the guide is straightforward and frill-free in a field so often overrun with all things precious.

Venus Zine (Spring 2007)

Venus has come a long way from its inception more than a decade ago. In its current form, it bears little resemblance to the average zine. Instead, Venus is a refreshingly sophisticated publication — glossy enough to tempt more mainstream consumers into giving the pages a once-over, while still maintaining a feminist perspective. The latest issue is packed full of everything one might expect from a woman-centric publication, sans skeletal models and hetero-focused sex tips.