Elevate Difference

Reviews by Djuna A. Davidson

Hollywood Is Like High School With Money

In the new novel Hollywood is Like High School with Money, Zoey Dean explores high-stakes backstabbing amidst the glamorous realm of movie making. This book is reflective of the author’s typical genre: juvenile novels set in ritzy realms where teenagers act like jaded adults beyond what is typical among American youth.

Red River

San Francisco artist Sonya Cotton’s latest release, Red River, is a fantastic album for a quiet day. I imagine one of those long, tired days when you just don’t want to get out of bed—Sunday maybe, the rain drumming upon the window, your tea wafting gentile tendrils of lavender chamomile, and you want something to wrap you in comfort.

Anna In-Between

In her newest novel, Anna In-Between, Elizabeth Nunez explores the complexity of relationships between parents and grown children as well as the delicate nature of a marriage and the complexity of place. This moving novel charts the many obstacles that arise when an adult child becomes the caretaker for a parent.

Decision and Destiny

Decision and Destiny is the second novel in a three part series about the Duvoisin family of Charmantes Island.

Summer of Hate

Crocodiles spew out a mix of rough punk, echo-tinged shoegaze, and a little bit of gritty rock on their debut full-length album, Summer Of Hate.

Snacktopus Stationary

These adorable notecards are printed on heavy weight, pale-colored paper and embossed with the playful image of a blue octopus clutching a tasty snack. Wrapped among his left tentacles is a weiner-snack that his mouth opens towards. The paper has a good density that lends to nice ink absorption and softly rounded corners further bespeak the whimsical intent of these correspondence-inducing notepapers. The company manifesto on the back sleeve declares, “We specialize in the sweet and humorous, cute and whimsical.

From the Decker House

From the Decker House is a brief, pop-ish, countryside-style, storytelling album reminiscent of Bob Dylan ramblings, although not nearly as timeless. The band met in Idlewild, CA in 2004, but now records from the opposite end of the country in New York. This album takes its name from the apparently decrepit Decker House estate in the mountains behind Deposit, NY that the band adopted as a home base for the concoction of this album.

Milk White Sheets

Milk White Sheets is good music for long mornings sitting in bed watching snow fall. First listening to this album in the evening after a day of work, I had a difficult time relating to the quiet hum that this album resonates. Even with the volume turned high, the unfamiliar lyrics were difficult to decipher while strains of cello, glockenspiel, dulcimer and guitar strings sounded haunting in the dark of the night.