Elevate Difference

Reviews by Emily Heroy

Emily Heroy lives in Chicago, her home town. A city girl at heart, she moved to New York City in 2003 to attend college and received her bachelor of arts degree in gender and sexuality studies from New York University in 2007.

Currently, Emily works in Evanston, Illinois for a HIV/AIDS research program and is studying for a master of science in education. She is the Executive Editor of Gender Across Borders, a global feminist blog, and also writes at Equality 101, a teacher’s blog focused on diversity in every sense of the word.

Emily likes cupcakes, dogs, and reading. You can follow Emily on Twitter @emilyheroy.

Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women

Street harassment is rampant in all parts of the world—from New York City to Tokyo to Cairo—yet it is still accepted globally. This largely ignored problem is thoroughly discussed and analyzed in Holly Kearl’s book entitled, Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women. Defined by Kearl in the first chapter as “unwanted attention” in public places, street harassment includes and is not limited to “physically harmless leers, whistles, honks, kissing noises, and nonsexually explicit evaluative comments,” but also extends to “more insulting and threatening behavior like vulgar gestures, sexually charged comments, flashing, and stalking, to illegal actions like public masturbation, sexual touching, assault, and rape.” Many (if not most) women experience it; very few men know about it.

The Disappearance of Irene Dos Santos

The Disappearance of Irene Dos Santos is an elaborate story of two childhood friends, Lily and Irene. Despite their differences, Lily Martinez, who comes from a middle class family, and Irene Dos Santos, who comes from a wealthier family, quickly become friends while attending a private school together in Caracas, Venezuela. Irene is "the controller in their society of two." She introduces Lily to her first boyfriend and teaches her how to French kiss.