Elevate Difference

Reviews by Janet Freeman

Color Me Pink

The other day I was walking through a department store when a scent stopped me in my tracks: my mother’s makeup, a lá 1978. I recognized the smell as one-part foundation and one-part lipstick, two contraband goods I spent hours poring over in a locked bathroom, dazzled by the possibilities of a new and improved me. At the time I was only ten, forbidden to wear the barest hint of blush or even paint my nails, as some of my friends did.

Washington, DC: A Feminist’s Friend or Foe?

The great thing about Washington is that it’s a city with a job for everyone. As a native, I certainly held my fair share over the years: writer, administrative assistant, graduate student, usher, professor and cashier, to name a few. But it wasn’t until I was established in my academic career that the city became more of an obstacle to my personal peace and ambitions, rather than an ally.